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Choosing the Right Tire

Truck and SUV Tires

When purchasing new truck or SUV tires, many people start with how they look instead of rating the type of driving and use the tires need to perform safely under. A gain in one performance area results in losses in other areas. Will you really be going "off-road" or are they just cool-looking? If that's the case then be prepared to sacrifice ride, quiet and tire life. You must also consider the expense of a loss of grip and wet ride control for the added traction you get from off-road tires, so you need to be sure of your actual needs. Serious off-road tires are a poor choice if you travel much farther on-road than off.

On the other hand, if you like the look of over-size wheels or low profile tires but happen to more often than not drive your truck or SUV on rough roads, then expect tire damage or wheel damage from such common road structures as drive way lips and curbs.


Another very important factor when selecting a truck or SUV tire is choosing a tire with the proper "load index", which indicates the maximum weight the tire can support. You should never fit tires with a lower load index than that of the vehicle's original-equipment tires. To determine the correct load rating, either look on your tire (if it's original equipment) or consult your vehicle's owner's manual. Do not compromise.

Now What?

If you paid attention, you should be knowledgeable enough to get the right tires for your car. With a little research including consumer tire reviews and conversation with your local tire centers or an online tire outlet, you should be confident that your decision is sound. Now go get your tires!

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